Saved From The Slaughterhouse



project#1Presently the cows are living in our 150-year-old barn. Although it has been adequate until now, with our growing herd we will require a new pole barn for the safety and well being of the cows. We need to raise an estimated $7800 for the new barn very soon if we are to complete it in time for next winter. Lakshmi Cow Sanctuary Inc. has been granted non-profit tax exempt status in the state of Pennsylvania, and we are in the process of applying for tax exempt status with the federal government so we hope your donations will be federally tax deductable soon. In addition to the cost of materials we will need manpower to erect the barn.
project#2One important goal is to bring the sanctuary closer to self-sufficiency by producing a nice pasture for the cows to graze in the summer and hay and/or grain for the winter. The financial cost of making our "Cow Heaven" will be minimal. I estimate $300 for seed to begin; however, the manpower required will be significant.